Derby Week

The Powell family won’t be attending any Derby festivities this year (other than navigating the crazy traffic as we live so close to Churchill Downs), but to get in the Derby spirit Gunner has been enjoying his horse, Rosco (John named him).  He is still trying to figure out how he feels about Rosco when he whinnies and shakes his head and tail, but overall he seems to really enjoy him.

Gunner enjoys giving kisses, especially to pretty ladies like Abigail Dockery.

We enjoyed having many of the Boyce College Ambassadors over for a cookout this week.  John was most excited about trying a new homemade ice-cream recipe (cherry-pecan), but to his dismay the motor started smoking about 3 minutes into the 35 minute process.  Like a true Powell, this did not stop him.  He rigged a system, and with the help of a few willing souls, made the best ice-cream he’s ever made!  Here is a video of early on in the process:

And after about 30 minutes (when his hands were too cold to spin it himself….)


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