Things that Go Vroom!

Gunner has taken to anything with wheels, and as most boys so skillfully do, he makes all the right noises.  Below you will see a before and after shot of an antique tricycle that was passed down to Gunner, and how John once again worked his magic so impressively to restore it.  Also, amidst all of this manliness, Gunner is wearing a pink sticker with red hearts that says, “I’ve been Krogering.”  He never leaves Kroger empty-handed.

Gunner takes riding the motorcycle very seriously, and tries his best not to smile too big.

This is the before picture.

And after, hanging out with Dad on his bike.

This is John’s tractor from when he was a little tyke.  Here Gunner is sharing it with Murphy, Keith and Hannah’s sweet dog.

Gunner watches and learns as John fixes the car.


4 comments on “Things that Go Vroom!

  1. Aunt Peggy says:

    Cute – cute – cute!!!

  2. James Hart says:

    John did an awesome job rehabbing the tricycle. It looks like it’s new from the store.

  3. Aunt Linda says:

    He looks like such a big boy on that trike!

  4. Lane Whitlock says:

    Way to go John! That tricycle looks great!

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