Powell Family Summer Adventures

Four years of wedded bliss, one precious son, and one on the way (gender to be determined in January, Lord willing)!  Oh, how we are blessed!

This summer we have been able to do a little traveling and enjoy our family and friends.  Here are a few pictures to document the fun:

We learned Gunner LOVES ketchup and his Nana (but we already knew that).

We were able to spend some quality time with Grandma, and celebrate her 90th birthday with many family and friends.

The time capsule-burying ceremony.

John and Gunner enjoying John’s birthday pie!

“What?!  Where did it all go?”

Grandad and Gunner did lots of reading, lawn mower riding, and ball playing.

PaPa and Gunner on Lake Tenkiller.

He’s not much of a baby anymore.

Gunner’s first shiner came after a spill down Grandad and JuJu’s stairs (Rick was not supervising and was not pleased that we allowed the accident to happen).

Gunner’s new reading spot:  the humidifier.


2 comments on “Powell Family Summer Adventures

  1. Lane Whitlock says:

    He’s growing up so fast! I can’t believe #2 is on the way. It better be a girl. I want to buy all her accessories! Hehe These pics are so good! Can’t wait to see him in a month!

  2. Lane Whitlock says:

    Yes it better be a girl. I have a new savings fund I call “Powell Hair-bows”…Frazier is too! See you in less than two weeks!!!!!!!!! ~Lane

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